By Holly Dog:  I'm Coming!

I'm Coming!

You really threw it that time.
I had to go, go, go . . .
Swim, swim, swim.

I did it.  Here it is!

Are you ready to go again?

I am.

Copright 2009 by Alan H. Jordan.  All Rights Reserved.  From the forthcoming book Poems by Pets

By Holly Dog:  Don't be Angry

Don't be angry
Be my friend
I didn't mean to make you melt
When I licked you.

Copyright 2009 by Alan H. Jordan.  All Rights Reserved. 

Doggy Bushes by Holly Dog

Look at 'em go!
go, Go, GO!

I want to romp and run
Romp and run with them

But I can't
They're stuck

They don't think so!
"Rooted," they say.

There's this guy, Geppetto,
Of Pinnocchio fame.

Maybe he could help.
It would be fun to play

With pink dogs.

Copyright 2009 by Alan H. Jordan.   All Rights Reserved.

Be Thirsty by Holly Dog

Be thirsty.

It's okay with me.
I was trying to show you the sweet water
But you two
Won't listen

Maybe one day you'll find
the sweet water.
Not today.
If only, you had been
my friends.

Copyright 2009 by Alan H. Jordan, All Rights Reserved.

If You've Seen One Sandwich

You haven't seen them all.

It's not every sandwich that
chases me around a room.

Maybe it should be a sand

It's probably just my imagination
But I'm gonna play it safe

Give me my kibble!

Copyright 2009 by Alan H. Jordan.  All Rights Reserved.

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