About Poems by Pets

Poetry by Pets is a forthcoming book from LB Creative, LLC Press.

It is edited by Alan Jordan (that's Alan on the left, in the hat) It will include many poems by children as well as by Mr. Jordan.

In addition to being available as a .pdf file and as a printed book, Poems by Pets will also be available as an audio book.

Here's a win-win offer: Subscribe to LetsBeCreative.org for the $10 for 10 days plan. Then, write a poem for possible publication in the book.  Use the form on the subscription page to submit your poem, and request a one-year Poems by Pets subscription.  Wether or no your poem is published, wwill upgrade you to one year.

The subscription will allow you and your family to read Poems by Pets.  It will also allow you to use all of the other features of LetsBeCreative.org.

Thank you for being a PoemsByPets reader, listener or author.