Holly Dog

Can you write a poem for this dog?  (She is coming out of the ocean in Hawaii.)

She enjoys playing with the frisbee, but think about why she enjoys it. 

* Is she bringing the frisbee to you? 
* Does she like to get wet? 
* How does she smell when she is wet?

What would she want to tell you.  Check out my poem, here.

Snow Yoda

What would your pet have to say about this snow person?

Would it want to make friends? 

Would it want to lick it, or do something else?

Is it possible for a snowman and a dog to become best friends?

Please help Holly Dog write a poem about how Holly Dog and Snow Yoda can become best friends?
Read my poem.

Doggy Bushes

Do these bushes remind you of dogs?  They remind me of dogs. 

* Could a bush turn into a dog? 

* If it did, could it become your friend, or your pet? 

* Would you help Holly Dog write a poem about these bushes, and how they want to be a real dog, a dog that Holly Dog that will be Holly's friend. 
Read my poem.


This is a picture of a dog named Fluffy and a girl named Ella.  Ella Winchester drew this picture when she was seven, and she wrote a book called Fluffy. Ella and  Fluffy go everywhere together, but not to school. 

Would you help Holly Dog write a poem about why Ella would not take Fluffy to school? 
Read my poem.

Two Cats Rubbing

Here is a picture of two cats rubbing taken on a bike path near San Mateo, CA by the bay.  They are feral cats; that means they are not pets.

What would Holly Dog have to say about the difference if he tried to be friends with them, but they ignored him.?  Would you help Holly Dog write a poem? 
Read my poem.

Sherman from Sherman's Sandwich

This is a picture of a pug.  Sherman is a real dog.  He is owned by Jim and Enid Axtel, two real people.  Jim and Enid wrote a book about Sherman. It's called Sherman's Sandwich

Can you write a poem about Sherman and his sandwich?

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